Change is our only constant’ ~ Heraclitus (c.535 BC - 475 BC) 

Change is the norm for organisations who constantly improve their products and services. Regardless of the drivers of change, the critical aspect is the ability to win the buy-in of the people impacted by the change. In People-based Change initiatives the highest priority is given to engaging, communicating, consulting and co-designing with the workers, the customers and the communities impacted by the change.

At Bright Spot, we believe that successful change is not so much 'managed' by experts and senior staff  but is lead by passionate, enthusiastic and visionary leaders and change agents across the change platform. 


The change platform is 'the right environment' for change to happen.


  • change platform design and implementation

  • stakeholder engagement - communication and networks

  • pragmatic planning

  • developing leaders for change