Coaching provides the ideal space for:

  • challenging, self-directed learning

  • a confidential and reflective environment to explore and understand yourself, your talents and your limitations and what is meaningful in your work

  • experiential learning to apply new thinking, processes and knowledge to the future of your organisation.

Bright Spot coaching and mentoring services are tailored to the the needs of each unique individual or leadership teams.


Leadership Coaching

Coaching for emerging leaders, business leaders, senior managers, executives and leadership teams.

Bright Spot coaching programmes are tailored to your individual needs and based on McKinsey's model of Centred Leadership which draws in five dimensions of leadership:

  1. meaning 

  2. energy 

  3. positive framing,

  4. connecting 

  5. engaging 


​Please contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation introductory session to get a better understanding of how coaching works and to discuss your individual needs.

Packages range in value from $1200 - ​$7500 +GST 

"I really wanted this role to be different, one that didn't take over my whole life and wear me down. You have set me on the right path, helped me balance my approach to my work and really supported me to find my way."  CEO membership services association.

" It just makes everything easier" Practice Manager

Personal Change Coaching

Feeling burned-out, uninspired or over-whelmed buy your current circumstances? Is it work or life that is getting on top of you?


If you need a supportive space to re-connect to your WHY, assess your priorities, find time for reflection and quality thinking, understand your values, strengths and unique contribution, please contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation introductory session.


Fees for personal-change coaching start at $150.00 + GST per session.

"I really feel I've found a new place to work, a new centre which is calmer and better balanced"  Team Leader

Career Coaching

Individualised support for those contemplating a change in career, entrepreneurs, business start-ups, or those affected by restructures and redundancy. Session topics include:

  • maximising the opportunity 

  • identifying your talents  

  • top-notch CVs 

  • personal branding

  • searching for the right fit

  • interview technique

Fees for career coaching are $145.00 + GST per session or four-sessions for $550 + GST 

Please contact us to book your first session.

"I didn't really know that this coaching was going to be any use but I have to say its been wonderful. Its been the only good part of an otherwise bad process. I want to thank-you very much."  former government employee


Yes, we work with blokes too.These sessions are tailored especially for men who want results focused coaching with less of the touchy-feely stuff. Our Blokes coaching is direct, confronting and sometimes uncomfortable. 

"I thought this might not be for me, but its been very useful. The questions you ask have helped me think more deeply and stay focused on the future"  self-employed-Kapiti

Virtual Coach

Most of our Bright Spot coaching services can be conducted online using web-based connection platforms such as Skype and Zoom. This is particularly useful for people outside the Wellington region, outside New Zealand or those who travel a lot.


Please contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation introductory session.

" I cant believe how quickly I've come to rely on these catch-ups each week, its been so much help" business owner, Queensland AU


Walking Coach

Combining the great outdoors and exercise with quality conversation and time to think is like adding a power boost to your coaching session. If you work in Wellington CBD or on the Kāpiti Coast, get your walking shoes on and join me for a boost of energy.